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Resources for Women-run Companies 

37 AngelsPlum AlleyGoogle for Entrepreneurs She Started It: A Film About Female Founders, Forbes, 5-29-15The Metrics Every Entrepreneur Should Know by Heart, MergeLane Blog, 05-28-2015

Support for our Investment Thesis

This VC firm found that female founders actually do better than their male peers, Fortune, 7-29-2015Why Men Need Women, The New York Times, 7-20-13The Business Case for Diversity in the Tech Industry, The New York Times, 9-26-14Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others, The New York Times, 1-16-153 Reasons Now is the Time for Female Founders to Land Venture Capital, Inc, 2-6-15The Windfall of Having More Women in Charge, Inc, 3-23-15Female-Run Venture Capital Funds Alter the Status Quo, The New York Times, 04-1-15

The Data We care About

Eight Women Entrepreneurs Share How They Conquered Their Biggest Roadblocks, FastCompany, 7-14There Are Still Fewer Women at the Top of Fortune 500 Companies, Huffington Post, 01-25-14The Confidence Gap, The Atlantic, 05-14Gender Gap Still a Big Issue for Start-ups, CNBC, 11-19-14Women and Leadership, Pew Research Center, 11-14-15Female Founders On An Upward Trend, According to CrunchBase, TechCrunch, 5-26-15Angel Investing:The Rise of Women Investors Fuels Businesses Run by Women, Impact Lab, 09-15-14Solving Silicon Valley's Gender Imbalance, Plum AlleyPlum Alley, The Ecosystem for Female EntrepreneursSilicon Valley is Cool and Powerful: But Where Are The Women?, The Guardian, 03-08-14The Real Unicorns are Female Angel Investors, TechCrunch, 08-31-15

Articles we like

Kind Founder Pledges $3 Million to Women-Led Food Startups on Demo Day, Inc., 8-4-15How to Disempower a Corporate Woman, Forbes, 5-14-14Are People Becoming More Open to Female Leaders, The Atlantic, 5-2-14Nice Girls Don't Ask, The Harvard Business Review, 10-01-0311 Reasons 2014 Will Be A Breakout Year for Women Entrepreneurs, Forbes, 1-8-14The Next Mark Zuckerberg is Not Who You Might Think, The New York Times, 07-02-2015

Blogs we like

Brad Feld, Feld ThoughtsAileen Lee, Cowboy VenturesJoanne Wilson, Gotham GalMark Suster, Both Sides of the TableAvinash Kaushik, Occam’s RazorMattermark

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