Bold Summer: MergeLane Leadership Camp for High School Girls

Just like we believe that investing in women-led companies isn’t just the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do, we believe that investing in girls is key to #ChangingTheRatio. According to the White House, “Ensuring that a nation’s girls are educated unlocks human potential on a transformational scale, advancing progress in every area. It is a critical step in changing values and norms pertaining to women and girls and spurring improvements on key development indicators.”

MergeLane is in the business of accelerating high-potential female leaders. We do this through our 12-week business accelerator and investment fund for startups with at least one female in leadership and our Women Leadership Camps. We’re excited to announce that our reach will now extend to high-potential high school girls.

pastedgraphic-4High school is a critical time for girls to develop leadership skills, self-awareness, and confidence. For our newest program, Bold Summer: Leadership Camp for High School Girls, MergeLane is partnering with Avid 4 Adventure, a leader in outdoor adventure summer camps.

At Leadership Camp, girls will ask challenging, introspective questions to develop a personal brand of leadership, hone communication skills, and plan life goals.  They will also stretch their limits through outdoor adventure sports designed to refine their teamwork skills and grow their confidence.  Each day will be a blend of indoor activities based at entrepreneurial incubator, Galvanize, and outdoor activities at beautiful crags, trails, and the Boulder reservoir.  

Surrounded by an encouraging community of girls, expert executive coaches, and certified outdoor educators, participants will come away from this program energized, confident, and ready to take on the world.

Camp will be in Boulder, CO August 7th-11th 9am- 5pm. We welcome all girls entering 9th-12th grades to participate. We are only running one program this summer, and we are pretty certain it will sell out. If your daughters, nieces, or friends want to be a part of it, register now.

If you’ve already passed the 12th grade, and don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to dramatically grow as a leader, join us for our next Women’s Leadership Camp March 24th-26th in Boulder or our co-gender half day “Taste of Conscious Leadership” event on January 27th. You’ll always find these and other events at MergeLane Events.

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