MergeLane: A Game Changer for TomboyX

This is a guest post by Fran Dunaway, CEO of TomboyX, a graduate of the MergeLane 2015 Accelerator. 

TomboyX manufactures and sells clothing and accessories by and for “tomboys.” Over the last year we’ve learned we are more than just a great brand.

Our MergeLane experience was a game changer. The MergeLane opportunity came along at the perfect juncture for our company. We had revenue, we had traction, we needed true believers with a network. They got us and they got our vision. The three months were intense when we didn’t need intensity, took up hours of time that we didn’t have, cost us money we couldn’t afford. And in the end, totally worth it. We made lifelong friendships with our cohort and are still in awe at the genius behind this particular grouping. We picked up invaluable mentors, advisors and investors who are still with us. TomboyX is alive and thriving today because of our leap of faith into the welcoming arms of the women of MergeLane.tomboyx_fb_bannercropped_pride

Since MergeLane, TomboyX has gone through a rebrand in partnership with CP&B. Company sales are 70% higher than this time last year. We released a 9-inch boxer brief, a soft bra and signature prints. Both have been a hit, with some varieties selling out in a matter of days. The company was recently featured in Inc magazine.

Grateful for the support of MergeLane and looking forward to continued growth in 2017.

-Fran Dunaway

Applications for the 2017 MergeLane Accelerator are open now through November 23rd ’16. Apply Today 

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