Turning the Tables: Elizabeth Kraus Interviews Sue Heilbronner, Co-Founders of MergeLane

This episode of the Real Leaders podcast features Elizabeth Kraus and Sue Heilbronner, co-founders of MergeLane, the investment fund and accelerator targeting companies with at least one female in leadership.

Here Elizabeth turns the tables on Real Leaders Host Sue by asking her about her goals and motivations for building MergeLane as well as her approach to working closely with high-potential leaders.

This episode gives real insight on the ways in which MergeLane is different, starting with the relationship between its founders. You’ll get a great sense of how they work together, how they think about talent, and how they approach running Mergelane. An intimate, revealing conversation.

If you want a chance to work closely with Sue and Elizabeth, apply for our 2017 accelerator today.

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