Hey Silicon Valley VCs: We’ve Got 8 Female-led Startups Right Here

We hear it all the time from Silicon Valley VC firms, corporate boards, and the C-suite. It goes something like this: “We WANT to have more women in our ranks, but we just can’t find enough great candidates.” The perception on diversity in pipelines is entrenched, and so long as the seekers continue to rely only on their networks for candidates, the dynamic is self-perpetuating.

mergelane-logo-stackedAt MergeLane, we are busting that narrow, self-fulfilling mindset wide open. This Friday at 9am in Boulder, Colorado, we will host a fantastic Demo Day featuring presentations by eight smart, dedicated, scrappy, courageous CEOs. All eight happen to be female.

These teams have been privy to some of the best mentoring and coaching available anywhere in the world. They are ready to meet and get to know you.

Our event is sold out. It has been for a while. We are thrilled to be hosting over 300 investors and other stakeholders in our program. But we want to make a special exemption for 5 seats for any Silicon Valley investors not yet signed up who want to be a part of this fantastic day. Consider your slot reserved. Jump on a flight. Hear about companies in SaaS, consumer web, and natural products, and be our special guest.

Where are the women-led companies? They are right here. Eager to meet you. Contact us at info@mergelane.com, and we’ll get back to you directly.

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